techno babble.

– – – daft punk – – –

so, i’ve seen a couple of movies scored with ‘techno’ now…(yes, i realize ‘techno’ is probably not the right term…the same way ‘metal’ isn’t the right term for a lot of the heavy rock that’s out there)…anyway, i love what it does for the movie, and i love the music. the new ‘tron’ with music by daft punk was killer, and i just saw the movie ‘hanna’ with music by the chemical brothers…wow. the way the music overlapped with the sound effects in the movie was just brilliant…really heightened the experience.

even as a rocker dude, i’ve always liked electronic music. anyone who says it’s not real music because it’s made on computers and not with instruments or whatever isn’t really listening. it can be just as creative as anything a ‘real’ band is doing…alternately, a ‘real’ band can produce some real shit. electronic music when done right is full of great sounds and great hooks. the way some of these songs build and build is really incredible. and when that distorted uber-heavy bass drops in, and starts playing a minor-key riff over and over ? i melt. just as heavy and powerful as anything from the rock world, in my opinion.

sometimes i take my keyboard and hook it up to my guitar amp, set the beat to ‘techno’ and the voice to ‘square wave’ and just make up my own techno for like an hour. yes, i realize that’s probably the equivalent of a 9-year old with short fingers trying to play the riff from ‘iron man’ on an out-of-tune guitar…but i don’t care.

as much as i enjoy a lot of this type of music, i’m never sure where to step in to go further. to me, it doesn’t seem as clearly defined as rock or metal, where if you like one particular band there are a bunch of other bands you will surely dig. groups that do electronic stuff seem to run all over the place in terms of style, at least to my ears. so, if you have some suggestions for me for stuff that sounds like music from ‘tron’ or ‘hanna’, i’d be keen to dig into it.



the namesake song for the blog.

this is by far one of the heaviest albums you will ever hear. and by heavy, i don’t mean chuggita-chuggita brain-smashing metal heavy, i mean spiritually, mentally heavy…a heavy ambience and atmosphere. jerry was going through the loss of his band, the gradual long-goodbye of his best friend addicted to hard drugs, his own addictions, his own self-reflection and self-loathing…locked himself away for two years and made the most killer double-album i have ever heard. do yourself a favor and pick up this album…you won’t be disappointed. and yeah, the style of music is good and heavy, too.