Eight years ago, we voted for hope and change. We endorsed diversity, acceptance, bipartisanship, community. We extended our hands and asked you to join us — not as victors standing over the fallen, but as friends. You rejected our offering. We asked you to honor America’s tapestry of diversity — you demonized it as reverse-racism, as religious persecution. We asked you to ‘coexist’ in peace — you told us to go fuck ourselves. You chose to listen to extremist demagogues instead of your neighbors, family and friends. You wished you could ‘eradicate libtards’, ‘purge and cleanse’ your America of anyone who didn’t think like you. You stewed in your own hate until it boiled over.

Now, in an ironic twist, you echo thoughts of hope and change, as the architects and champions of this unprecedented climate of division now assume total power over all three branches of government. You tell us to get over it, stop being sore losers, unite for the good of the country. And in an ironic twist, it is we who are now bitter, as we mourn eight years of trying and failing to bridge the gap, trying to overcome divisive and hateful rhetoric, trying to reach out those whose hearts were hardened against their neighbors. Some of us may even cling to our guns — not out of anger, but out of fear.

And yes, we are afraid…what have you shown in eight years that would have us not be afraid as you now assume total control? This division and fear is your legacy…and your destiny — and ours — is now in your hands. What will you do with it?…


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