been away too long.

been gone from here awhile.

this blog originally started as an exploration of self…my interest in the project died quickly…

shit hit the fan, politically-speaking, in feb 2011 here in wisconsin, and this blog was revamped to collect my thoughts on those happenings, and to try to rally others…
turned out that a lot of others had those feelings too…ended up joining a newly-formed grassroots political group and directing my efforts there, so this blog died again…i was never much of a leader, anyway…

the leader of our grassroots group actually got elected to public office, so that’s cool…but that left the group without a strong, charismatic leader. still going, but not like before. but that’s ok. either way, i couldn’t really speak my mind and use my personal voice in the group’s web output, and i have stuff to say beyond the realm of the strictly political, so i decided to try to revive this blog and try to combine all of those worlds. the grassroots group was all about making bridges to the ‘middle’ — which i may still address — but sometimes i just wanna stand on the left where i belong and shout and give the finger. this blog will let me do that.

thanks for reading. stay tuned…


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